TypeNumberIssuance DateSubjectFile
MC021-202027-Nov-2020Revised Guidelines on the Transfer of the Management and Operation of PPA Ports to Local Government Units (LGUs)
MC020-202027-Nov-2020Revised Guidelines on the Issuance of Permit to Operate (PTO) for the Provision of Ancillary Services in the Ports
MC020-202001-Oct-2020Further Extension of Validity of PPA Approvals/Permits During the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), Modified ECQ (MECQ) and General CQ (GCQ) due to COVID-19 Pandemic
MC019-202012-Nov-2020Guidelines on the Processing of Private Port Applications for Energy Related Projects in Compliance with Republic Act No. 11234 or the Energy Virtual One-Stop Shop Act

MC018-202002-Sept-2020Further Extension of Validity of PPA Permits during ECQ, MCQ, and GCQ due to COVID-19 Pandemic
MC017-202007-Aug-2020Staggered Payment of Rental Fees Covering the period March 15, 2020 to July 31, 2020
MC016-202003-Aug-2020Further Extension of Validity of PPA Approvals/Permits During the Enhanced Community Quarantine
MC012-202029-Apr-2020Extension of Rental and Concession Fee Payment in Compliance with RA 11469 or the "Bayanihan to Heal as One Act"
MC011-202013-Apr-2020Procedures for the Electronic Approval of Routine Transactions
MC010-202007-Apr-2020Guidelines in the Processing of PPA Permits During the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) Due to COVID-19 Pandemic
MC004-202002-Mar-2020Clarifications on PPA Administrative Order No. 06-2019, "Guidelines on the Accreditation of Port Service Providers", and Related Issuances
MC001-202007-Jan-2020Termination of Lease on Advertising Spaces within the PPA Port Zone
MC010-201907-Aug-19Revised Guidelines on the Accreditation of Port Service Providers and Standardized Accreditation Fee
MC007-201918-Jul-19Exemptions from Payment of Passenger Terminal Fees amending PPA Memorandum Circular No. 07-2014
MC019-1828-Dec-18Calendar of Activities and Periods of Certain Prohibited Acts in Connection with the Upcoming National and Local Elections on 13 May 2019
MC018-1828-Dec-18Clarification on the Disqualification of Prospective Bidders with Pending Cases Against the Government in the Procurement Activities of the DOTr
MC017-1827-Dec-18Celebration of the National Volunteer Month (NVM) in December 2018
MC016-1810-Dec-18Cabinet Directive Issued During the 31st Cabinet Meeting on 06 November 2018
MC015-1810-Dec-18Compliance to Office of the President Memorandum Circular No. 06 "Enjoining All Government Officials and Employees to Strictly Observe and Comply with the Prohibition Against Going to Gambling Casinos"
MC014-1803-Dec-18MARINA Circular No. 2018-07 The Rights of Passengers and Obligations of Domestic Operators in Cases of Cancelled, Delayed or Unfinished/Uncompleted Voyages
MC013-1803-Dec-18Strict Implementation of Existing Laws, Rules and Regulations on the Sale, Manufacture, Distribution and the Use of Firecrackers and Pyrotechnic Devices
MC012-1823-Nov-18Strict Prohibition on the Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages in the Workplace
MC011-1812-Nov-18Use of Standard Font "Arial" and Acknowledge Letter Template for Correspondence
MC010-1812-Oct-18Implementation Guidelines of PPA Administrative Order No. 10-2018 “Guidelines on the Accreditation of Port Service Providers”
MC006-1818-Jul-18Guidelines for 8888 Citizen’s Complaint
MC005-1817-Jul-18Operationalization of the Strategic Action and Response Office (STAR/O)
MC004-1814-Jun-18Malacañang Memorandum No. 23: “Renewing the Travel Tax Exemption Policy to Travelers departing from all International Airports and Seaports in Mindanao and Palawan to any destination in the Brunei-ARUSSALAM-Malaysia-Philippines East Asian Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA)
MC003-1814-Jun-18Implementation of RA 11032 or An Act Promoting Ease In Doing Business and Efficient Delivery of Government Service Delivery of 2018
MCSep-1825-May-18Notice to all Shipping Line Owners/Operators/Agents/Representatives
MC019-1727-Dec-17Special Non-Working Days and Regular Holidays for December 2017 and January 2018
MC018-1719-Dec-17Full Implementation of the Online System for Notice of Arrival and Application for Berth/Anchorage (Online NOA/ABA System)
MC017-1729-Nov-17Presidential Proclamation No. 50 Declaring November 30, 2017 as Bonifacio Day, Regular Holiday
MC016-A-201727-Nov-17PMO Misamis Oriental / Cagayan de Oro Office Address
MC013-201719-Jul-17Procedure for Insurance Claims for Damaged PPA Property
MC012-201729-Jun-17Procedural Timeline for Engineering Infrastructure Projects
MC011-201723-Jun-17Interpol Purple Notice No. 639 (Modus Operandi)
MC010-201723-Jun-17Supplemental Guidelines in the Implementation of Vessel Operations Commitment (VOC) Between the Authorized Cargo Handling Operator and Vessel Owner/Agent
MC009-201722-Jun-17Feast of Ramadan (Proclamation No. 235)
MC008-201722-Jun-17Rescinding the Memo of the PPA Officer-in-Charge (OIC) dated May 2016
MC007-201722-Jun-17PMMAC Resolutions (1st Quarter of CY 2017)
MC006-201713-Jun-17Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards
MC005-201713-Jun-17Independence and Charter Day Celebration
MC004-201731-May-17Implementation of the Online Application of the Notice of Arrival and the Application for Berth Allocation for Ports under the Jurisdiction of PMO MO/C
MC003-201710-Apr-17Observance of Holy Week in the Lenten Season 2017
MC002-201723-Feb-17Special Non-Working Day (25 February 2017)
MC001-A-201716-Feb-17Grant of 20% Transport Fare Discount and Privilege to all Senior Citizens
MC001-201727-Jan-17Special Non-Working Day for 28 January 2017
MC010-201620-Dec-16Special Non-Working Days and Regular Holidays for December 2016 and January 2017
MC009-201606-Dec-16Suspension of Compulsory Tug Assistance Service in Ports Declared by PPA
MC008-201629-Nov-1630 November 2016 (Wednesday) as Regular Holiday in Celebration of Bonifacio Day Pursuant to Proclamation No. 1105
MC007-201628-Oct-1631 October 2016 (Monday) as Additional Special Non-Working Day; and 01 November (Tuesday) as All Saints Day
MC006-201608-Sep-1612 September 2016 (Monday) as a Regular Holiday in observance of Eid’l Adha (Feast of Sacrifice)
MC005-201626-Aug-1628 August 2016 (Sunday) as Special Non-Working Holiday, and 29 August 2016 (Monday) as Regular Holiday
MC004-201605-Jul-1606 July 2016 Non-Working Holiday in Observance of Eid al Fitr
MC003-201629-Jun-16Supplemental Policy in Mandatory Weighing of Containers and RORO Vehicles
MC002-201615-Mar-16Presidential Proclamation No. 1105, Series 2015, Declaring March 24 and 25, 2016 as Regular Holidays.
MC001-201604-Feb-16Presidential Proclamation No. 1105 and 1071, Series 2015, Declaring February 8 and 25 as Special Non-Working Days
OMC020-201802-Oct-18International Convention on the Control of Harmful Anti-Fouling Systems on Ships (AFS 2001 Convention)
OMC019-201802-Oct-18Protocol of 1998 Relating to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea 1974 (SOLAS Protocol 88)
OMC018-201801-Oct-18Mandatory Segregation and Proper Disposal of Vessel Generated Wastes
OMC017-201828-Sep-18Clarification on the Maximum Gross Weight Of a 10-Footer Container Van
OMC016-201828-Sep-18Ensuring Breakbulk Cargoes Are Appropriately Packed, Packaged, And/Or Secured on Board the Vessels
OMC011-201820-Aug-18Regular Holidays and Special (Non-Working) Days for the Month of August 2018
OMC009-201824-May-18PPA Port Environmental Policy
OMC008-201824-May-18Clarification On The Use Of Ships’ Tonnage Measurement
OMC007-201809-May-18Presidential Proclamation No. 479 Declaring May 14, 2018 Special (Non-Working) Day
OMC005-201830-Apr-18Presidential Proclamation No. 269 s.2017 Declaring May 1, 2018 Regular Holiday (Labor Day)
OMC003-201805-Mar-18Revised Methodology and Formula for Adjustment of Cargo Handling (CH) Tariff
OMC002-201813-Feb-18Presidential Proclamation No. 269 s. 2017 Declaring February 16 & 25, 2018 Special Non-Working Days
OMC001-201817-Jan-18Alert Notice for the Vessel “MV ELINA B” for Entering and Departing the Terminal Port of Zambales without clearance from Port Authorities and Payment of port charges
AC011-201822-Mar-18Presidential Issuances: Memorandum Circular Nos. 38 and 39
AC010-201822-Mar-18Directives of Foreign Travels of Government Officials
AC009-201822-Mar-18Rules and Regulation Governing Contract of Service and Job Order Workers in the Government
AC008-201819-Mar-18Presidential CES Award
AC007-201819-Mar-18Operational Guidelines for the Digital Media-Public Assistance Team Under the Communications Office
AC006-201819-Feb-18Amendments to the Interim Performance-Based Bonus (PBB)
AC005-201819-Feb-18CSC Memorandum Circular No. 32-2017
AC004-201813-Feb-18Required Monthly Net Take Home Pay (MNTHP) Per General Appropriations Act, FY 2018
AC002-201813-Feb-18Prescribing Guidelines and Procedures for the Acceptance of Resignation Letters, Processing of Retirement Applications and Release of Retirement Benefits to PPA Officials and Employees
AC001-201806-Feb-18COA AOM No. 2018-101-008(2017)
AC001-201823-Jan-18Various Guidelines & DOTr Memoranda relative to Official Foreign and Private/Personal Travels
FCApr-1807-Jun-18Implementing Guidelines in the Amendments RE Application of the Daily Foreign Currency Exchange Rate (FCER) to Pilotage Fees and Wharfage on Foreign Transshipment Cargoes
ESDJan-1818-Apr-18Posting of Performance Bond for Projects Given Contract Time Extension