• STORO CONTAINER HANDLING. Loading of container vans onboard MV Trans Asia 10 via RORO ramp using forklift.

Classified as a Class A general cargo port, the Port of CDO is one of the 10 major gateway ports under the PPA port system. It caters to practically all sorts of goods including agricultural/farm products such as corn, rice, wheat, soya, cassava, sugar, salt, fertilizer, molasses, fresh fruits and vegetables, and live animals; industrial products such as cement, steel, scrap iron, heavy and plant equipment, bottled products and canned goods; chemical products such as alcohol, industrial gases and petrochemicals.

The cargo handling of the port is being operated by Oroport Cargo Handling Services, Inc. which handles products in bulk, breakbulk, containerized and RORO. The port is fully-equipped to handle container operations with 4 shore cranes, 9 rubber-tired gantry cranes and a fleet of forklifts and trucks of various sizes and capacities. For bulk operations, it has mobile cranes, hoppers, bagging equipment, conveyor, clamshells and other heavy equipment.