Date of IssuanceDocument NumberSubjectDownload Link
17-Dec-2020PSD PABA No. 023-2020Christmas Day and New Year’s Day CelebrationsDownload
7-Dec-2020PSD PABA No. 022-2020Feast of The Immaculate Conception of Mary (Special Non-Working Holiday)Download
25-Nov-2020PSD PABA No. 021-2020Bonifacio Day (Regular Holiday)Download
31-Oct-2020PSD PABA No. 020-2020Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures in the Port During Inclement WeatherDownload
28-Oct-2020PSD PABA No. 019-2020All Saints’ Day & All Souls’ Day HolidayDownload
19-Aug-2020PSD PABA No. 018-2020August 2020 HolidaysDownload
18-Aug-2020PSD PABA No. 017-2020Strict Observance of Regulations on Storage And Handling of Dangerous Goods at the PortsDownload
30-Jul-2020PSD PABA No. 016-2020Eid'l Adha (Regular Holiday)Download
28-Jul-2020PSD PABA No. 015-2020Department of Transportation (DOTr) IssuancesDownload
15-Jul-2020PSD PABA No. 014-2020Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures in the Port During Inclement Weather Download
13-Jul-2020PSD PABA No. 013-2020Prohibition of Crew Change / Repatriation in Private PortsDownload
25-Jun-2020PSD PABA No. 012-2020Guidelines in the Processing and Withdrawal of Inbound Cargoes (i.e. Rolling Units and General Cargo) Owned and/or consigned to Locally Stranded Individuals (LSI) Disembarking at the Port of Cagayan de OroDownload
21-May-2020PSD PABA No. 011-2020June 2020 HolidaysDownload
21-May-2020PSD PABA No. 010-2020Eid’l Fitr (Regular Holiday)Download
06-May-2020PSD PABA No. 009-2020Collection of Ship Generated Wastes from Cruise and Passenger ShipsDownload
27-Apr-2020PSD PABA No. 008-2020Presidential Proclamation No. 845 s. 2019 Declaring May 1, 2020 as a Regular Holiday (Labor Day)Download
01-Apr-2020PSD PABA No. 007-2020Suspension of Cargo Handling OperationsDownload
04-Mar-2020PSD PABA No. 006-2020PPA Memorandum Circular No. 03-2020 "Tariff for other related Cargo Handling (CH) Services at the Port of Cagayan de OroDownload
03-Mar-2020PSD PABA No. 005-2020PPA Administrative Order No. 01-2020 Prescribe Waste Reception Fee in all PPA PortsDownload
19-Feb-2020PSD PABA No. 004-2020EDSA People Power Revolution AnniversaryDownload
04-Feb-2020PSD PABA No. 003-2020Commision on Population and Development (POPCOM) Information Materials on the National Program on Population and Family Planning (NPPPFP)Download
15-Jan-2020PSD PABA No. 002-2020Chinese New Year HolidayDownload
10-Jan-2020PSD PABA No. 001-2020Implementation of PPA A.O. No. 05-2019 Re: Non-Imposition of Weighing Fee for Domestic Outbound Laden Containners and RO-RO Cargo Amending PPA Administrative Order No. 06-2011Download
19-Dec-19PSD PABA No. 026-2019Temporary Work Suspension due to Holiday SeasonDownload
18-Dec-19PSD PABA No. 025-2019December 2019 & January 2020 HolidaysDownload
18-Dec-19PSD PABA No. 024-2019Show Cause Order with Cease and Desist Order Issued to Manfel Cargo Shipping Corp. Vessel LCT "Golden Star 15"Download
11-Dec-19PSD PABA No. 023-2019Display/Presentation of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) InfomercialsDownload
26-Nov-19PSD PABA No. 022-2019Bonifacio Day (Regular Holiday)Download
24-Oct-19PSD PABA No. 021-2019All Saint's Day & All Soul's Day HolidayDownload
14-Oct-19PSD PABA No. 020-2019PPA Administrative Order No. 07-2019 Re: Exemption from Coverage of PPA A.O. No. 06-2019 [Guidelines on the Accreditation of Port Services Providers]Download
02-Oct-19PSD PABA No. 019-2019Executive Order No. 14 s.2019 RE: Temporary, Total Prohibition on the Entry into the Province of Misamis Oriental of Live Hogs, Pork related products and by-products, including but not limited to frozen boar-semen coming from entire island of LuzonDownload
09-Aug-19PSD PABA No. 018-2019August 2019 HolidaysDownload
18-Jul-19PSD PABA No. 017-2019PPA A.O. No. 05-2019 Re: Non-Imposition of Weighing Fee for Domestic Outbound Laden Containers and RO-RO Cargo Amending PPA Administrative Order No. 06-2011Download
01-Jul-19PSD PABA No. 016-2019Support on the Government's Campaign to Prevent the Entry of Meat and Meat Products Infected with African Swine Fever (ASF) by placing DA-Recommended Measures in All International Airports and Seaports NationwideDownload
21-Jun-19PSD PABA No. 015-2019Withdrawal of SMC of Vessels' MV "Seaborne Cargo 1" MV "Seaboarne Cargo 2" and MV "Seaborne Cargo 3" Download
03-Jun-19PSD PABA No. 014-2019June 2019 HolidaysDownload
03-Jun-19PSD PABA No. 013-2019DPRK - Origin Coal ExportsDownload
10-May-19PSD PABA No. 012-2019National and Local Elections (Special Holiday)Download
26-Apr-19PSD PABA No. 011-2019OP Memorandum Circular (M.C.) No. 59 "Directing All Government Offices, Agencies and Instrumentalities, Including Government Owned and Controlled Corporations, to Support and Actively Participate in the Implementation of Sambayanihan : Serbisyong Sambayanan"Download
26-Apr-19PSD PABA No. 010-2019Labor Day (Regular Holiday)Download
11-Apr-19PSD PABA No. 009-2019Holy Week Holidays 2019Download
26-Mar-19PSD PABA No. 007-2019Withdrawal of the Company Documents of Compliance (DOC) and the Safety Management Certificate (SMC) of All Managed Vessels of Philwinner Marine Services Corp.Download
04-Mar-19PSD PABA No. 006-2019MARINA Advisory No. 2019-01 RE: Declaration of RORO Missionary Routes in the Domestic TradeDownload
15-Feb-19PSD PABA No. 004-2019Establishment of DOTR Malasakit Help DeskDownload
29-Jan-19PSD PABA No. 003-2019February 2019 HolidaysDownload
14-Jan-19PSD PABA No. 002-2019Revised Schedule of CH Tariff at Manila North HarborDownload
14-Jan-19PSD PABA No. 001-2019Extension of Time to Comply with the Accreditation of Port Services ProvidersDownload
21-Dec-18PSD PABA No. 009-2018December 2018 and January 2019 HolidaysDownload
20-Dec-18PSD PABA No. 008-2018Christmas Day and New Year's Day CelebrationDownload
14-Dec-18PSD PABA No. 007-2018Prohibition of Temporary Stockpiling/Marshalling of Loaded And/Or Empty Container Chassis at the Quay Area in the Port of Cagayan de OroDownload
14-Dec-18PSD PABA No. 006-2018Berthing of Tugboats at the Port of Cagayan de OroDownload
11-Dec-18PSD PABA No. 005-2018Suspension of the Cargo Ship Safety Certificate of LCT VNG XDownload
11-Dec-18PSD PABA No. 004-2018Suspension of the Passenger Ship Safety Certificate of MV Fast Cat M11 and Cargo Ship Safety Certificate of MV Ocean UnitedDownload
06-Dec-18PSD PABA No. 003-2018Republic Act No. 10966 Declaring December 8, 2018 a Special Non-Working Holiday (Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Marym the Principal Patroness of the PhilippinesDownload
30-Nov-18PSD PABA No. 002-2018Presidential Proclamation No. 269 s. 2017Download
09-Nov-18PSD PABA No. 001-2018Aids to Marine NavigationDownload