In order to facilitate the automated processing of the application for PPA accreditation from the Port Management Office to the Head Office in real-time, an Electronic Accreditation System (eAS) was launched. The same was piloted at PMO NCR South, NCR North, and Batangas, and soon to be implemented in the Port Management Office of Misamis Oriental/Cagayan de Oro (PMO MO/C).

The eAS is an online tool developed by the Information and Communication Technology Department (ICTD) of the PPA Head Office to accept and process the application for accreditation. This tool has the following functionalities:

  • Electronic means of submission of application for accreditation;
  • Online monitoring and tracking of application;
  • Real-time validation/verification and endorsement from PMO to Head Office;
  • Automated email notification for each action on the application; and
  • Online reports and related information available at the PMOs and Head Office.

To prepare the PMOs nationwide for the implementation of the eAs, an end-user training was organized by ICTD. The PMO personnel primarily involved in the processing and approval of the accreditation application participated in the said end-user training on 20 December 2019 through a web conference with the ICTD personnel. Queries and concerns raised by the PMO were directly addressed by the ICTD during the training.

Apart from the end-user training, ICTD has provided a User’s Manual and video tutorials which are accessible at the eAs website:

Beginning 09 January up to 31 January 2020, the PMO’s Business Development/Marketing Office is conducting a series of workshops/orientation on eAS to shipping companies/agents/trucking companies and other ancillary service providers who are not yet accredited. The said training enables the participants to walk through the entire process and have the first-hand experience in using the system.

The accreditation system was implemented by the PPA per Administrative Order 10-2018  and A.O 06-2019, which shall require all port service providers including shipping lines/agents, trucking and cargo forwarders transacting at the ports to secure PPA accreditation to ensure a port service provider’s legitimacy, capability, and competence in the provision of port services. The Authority emphasizes that only duly accredited port service providers shall be allowed to operate in all ports under the PPA jurisdiction.— by IMR Lam