In order to ensure a port service provider’s legitimacy, capability, and competence in the provision of port services, the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) implements an accreditation system per PPA Administrative Order (AO) No. 10-2018 and revised guidelines thereof under PPA AO 06-2019, which shall require all port service providers including shipping lines and agents to secure PPA accreditation starting August 7, 2019. The Authority emphasizes that only duly accredited port service providers shall be allowed to operate in all ports under the PPA jurisdiction.

PPA A.O 06-2019 which amends the A.O 10-2018, Guidelines on the Accreditation of Port Service Providers, prescribes the requirements in the issuance of PPA accreditation that shall apply to corporations, partnerships, single proprietorships or entities who intend to provide services at PPA ports; and further specifies the following port services that will need accreditation in addition to the services already mentioned in the “Port Services” Annex of A.O 10-2018 :

  1. Brokerage
  2. Booking/Ticketing Office
  3. Cargo Checking Service
  4. Cargo Surveying Service
  5. Engineering Contractor
  6. Equipment Hire
  7. Equipment Repair
  8. Environmental Service Management
  9. Passenger Terminal Services
  10. Roll On Roll Off Services
  11. Shipping Agent
  12. Shipping Line
  13. Transport Service/Cargo Forwarding/Freight Forwarding/Hauling/Shuttling/Bus

Furthermore, PPA AO 06-2019 lists eleven (11) documentary requirements for port terminal/cargo handling/passenger terminal and RORO services; eight (8) documentary requirements for port ancillary services; and six (6) for applicants that have been accredited/licensed/granted franchise by other government agencies. Previously, under AO 10-2018, all applicants are required to submit thirteen (13) documents regardless of service type. The said AO also revokes the requirement that applicants must have been engaged in the port services for no less than two years immediately prior to the application date.

Moreover, PPA Memorandum Circular No. 03-2019 on Standardized Accreditation Fee was issued for uniform charges in the issuance of accreditation certificate.

An accreditation certificate for every port service shall be required before the award of port service contract or permit to operate (PTO) is issued. It is valid for three (3) years from the date of issuance. Renewal of applications shall be filed not later than sixty (60) days before the expiration of the Accreditation Certificate.

The PMO MOC through its Business Development and Marketing Office (BDMO), has continued its efforts to disseminate the subject regulations to the port stakeholders. It initiated the newspaper advertising of the PPA accreditation and distribution of flyers to truckers entering the ports.  On 06 August, the BDMO conducted a briefing meeting with shipping agents regarding the accreditation. Application forms are available from the PMO website. —IMR Lam