The PMO Misamis Oriental/Cagayan de Oro and its Terminal Management Offices (TMO) of Benoni and Balingoan participated in the Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill for the 4th  Quarter of CY 2018 on 05 November 2018 at 10:00 A.M to test the response mechanism of the Office to such emergencies. As earthquakes take lives without exemptions, the drill is also a way to promote awareness among employees and port stakeholders and equip them with the necessary knowledge, attitude, and practice in response to this disaster.

The simulation was participated by a total of 330 participants including passengers and the personnel of the Oroport Cargo Handling Services, Inc.. They executed the “Drop, Cover, and Hold” while the simulated earthquake indicated by a wailing of siren was ongoing for a minute. When the siren alarm stopped, the participants quickly evacuated the buildings towards the designated evacuation area for the headcount. Those at the field stayed in an open area, away from structures that may collapse (e.g containerized cargos).  Simultaneously, the supposed injured individuals were attended to for first aid. The Engineering Service Division personnel meanwhile conducted damage assessment and structural integrity inspection of port facilities.

The drill ran for 13 minutes. Critiques include insufficient first aid kits and hitch in communication protocol which are to be addressed the soonest time possible.

PMO MOC has participated in the quarterly nationwide earthquake drill for the fourth time this year, in consonance with the NDRRMC Memorandum No. 116 series 2018. Its participation to the drill serves as a venue to revisit the earthquake response/action plans of the PMO and the TMOs, improve the weak points, and retain and continue the good practices. Though occurrence of earthquakes is unpredictable, it is something that can be prepared for. —by IMR Lam