In line with the PMO’s continuing promotion of health and wellness under its Integrated Management System, and in support to the Department of Health’s campaign to fight measles in view of the measles outbreak declared in different regions in the country, a free measles vaccination activity dubbed as “Measles Vaccination Campaign sa PIER” was organized on 16 April 2019 in partnership with the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ).

Fifty (50) PMO personnel availed of the free measles vaccination held at the PMO MOC GAD Hall, Building 2.

Dr. Logencito P. Oran, Medical Officer IV, informed that since most people commonly received vaccination when they were still infants and may not have even availed of a booster thereafter, there is a possibility that grown-ups would still be affected by the virus that may cause measles or mumps. Thus, it is important that even adults get vaccination. He added that getting vaccinated is a mandatory requirement when travelling abroad.

The BOQ targets measles vaccination to all “unvaccinated” adults (age 19-64 years old) and Filipino travelers who want to be vaccinated with one (1) dose of Measles-Containing Vaccine (MCV). They were mandated to administer free measles vaccination to employees working at points of entry, such as those workers at airports and seaports. Hence, BOQ partnered with the PPA PMO MOC for the free measles vaccination of its employees.

Dr. Oran said that the vaccine which his team administered was formulated not only for measles immunization but also for mumps and German measles. He mentioned that adults who availed of this vaccination will have a lifetime protection from the mentioned infectious diseases. —IMR Lam