In line with the PMO’s continuing promotion of health and wellness under its aim for prime environment, health, safety, and quality of the Integrated Management System, the PMO’s First Aid Team participated in an orientation/training on the use of Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) on 02 July 2020.

The PMO acquired one (1) AED on 15 June 2020 from the PPA Head Office which served as additional equipment for emergency response in ports particularly in case of cardiac arrest in an individual and no ambulance or medical help is coming.

During the online training likewise organized by the Head Office, the participants were taught about the following: importance of AED; the steps prior to its application such as checking the patient/victim’s consciousness, pulse, and breathing, and conduct of CPR immediately at proper rate; proper execution using AED after CPR; and the maintenance of the equipment such regular checking of the batteries and replacement of pads every after use.

Basic First Aid seminar/trainings are conducted yearly to the PMO employees including outsourced personnel.