The Multi-Gate Complex of the Port of Cagayan de Oro is now operational to serve the stakeholders shipping and withdrawing cargoes to and from the Port.

The Gate Complex situated at Corrales Extension (formerly Gate 3) was fully opened on 22 September 2019.

The ISPS-compliant Gate Complex was constructed to provide 6-lane controlled access to port users, eliminate long queuing lines at the entry point, and help decongest the traffic along the access roads towards the Port’s cargo gates. By eliminating the long queuing line at entry points, the delivery/transport/loading of cargoes will be more efficient and stay time of vessels will be reduced; thus, increasing the port productivity.  This is also part of the PMO’s long-term vision of more automation at the ports to provide comfort, convenience, safety and security for all port users.

Per Port Advisory/Bulletin/Announcement (PABA) No. PPD 010-2019 of the PMO MOC, “Operationalization, Naming and Designation of the Multi-Gate Complex and its Seven Sub-Gates; Closure of Gate 2,” only cargoes with valid Entry Permit and Withdrawal Permit shall be allowed to enter and exit at the Gate 3 Complex. Further, only drivers are allowed to proceed with the cargo truck at the Gate Complex subject to the existing security procedures of the Port, while truck helpers/laborers shall use the Gate 4 for their entry and undergo security processing thereat.

The Gate Complex’s seven (7) sub-gates are labeled as Gate 3A to 3G with the following functions:

  • Gate 3A – Entry and exit for oversized cargoes and exit for all cargoes including FCLs, empties, RORO and general cargoes;
  • Gates 3B, 3C, 3D, 3E and 3F – Entry for containerized cargoes, RORO (Types 3 & 4) and other cargoes subject to mandatory weighing; and,
  • Gate 3G – Entry for general cargoes and all other cargoes not subject to mandatory weighing.

The Gate Complex houses weighbridges. It will be fully equipped with CCTV cameras for easy identification and security purposes, electronic gate system to complement the Electronic Payment System and Electronic Permit System, payment booths, among others. PMO MOC plans to incorporate the use of RFID for vehicle recognition in the future.

The said facility, together with the new Passenger Terminal Building and the Port of Opol, Misamis Oriental, were inaugurated by the Department of Transportation Secretary Arthur P. Tugade on 15 July 2019. —by IMR Lam