Due to the Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, community quarantine is being implemented in almost all provinces and cities nationwide to contain the spread of the said virus, which limits the movement of people and business activities. This restriction may further limits the public’s access to fresh and healthy foods, just when we need good nutrition the most to boost our immune system to fight against the said fatal virus and other disease-causing bacteria.

The World Health Organization (WHO) posits that limited access to fresh foods may comprise opportunities to continue eating a healthy and varied diet, thus push people to consume highly processed foods that are high in fats, sugars and salt. However, WHO claims, “even with few and limited ingredients, one can continue eating a diet that supports good health.”

As the Port of Cagayan de Oro remains operational amid COVID-19 pandemic as being under the Logistics Cluster to ensure unhampered flow of goods to and from Mindanao and its personnel continue to render frontline services, the Port Management Office of Misamis Oriental/Cagayan de Oro strives to help them maintain good nutrition and health by ensuring that they can still have access to fresh fruits and vegetables from its own garden established in the Port of Cagayan de Oro.

The PMO has been maintaining a garden for the propagation of various variety of plants—fruit-bearing trees, vegetables, and ornamental in unused spaces along the CDO Port’s perimeter fence. Since its establishment, it has been the PMO’s source of crops for feeding programs and other home use by its personnel including the security and utility workers.

A compost pit is also being maintained in the garden as a source of fertile soil for the propagation of new plants.

The CDO Port is a Green Port recognized by the APEC Green Port Award System (GPAS). The establishment and maintenance of this vegetable garden does not only help maintain the “green” environment amidst the hustle and bustle of the Baseport, but most importantly for the PMO to have a source of safe, clean, and organic foods to support good health, an armor against diseases such as the prevailing COVID-19.