Putting a premium on the safety and security of all port users, the PMO personnel from the Engineering Services Division, together with the representatives from the contractor, the Jardine Schindler, Philippines, conducted a dry-run for the operation of the two elevators at the new 2-storey Passenger Terminal Building (PTB) on 17 August 2019. Part also of the dry-run was the emergency response drill in cases of power failure, earthquake and other emergencies where individuals may be trapped inside the elevators.

Complementing the state-of-the-art design of the new PTB that houses GAD and essential facilities to ensure comfort, convenience, safety and security for all passengers and port users, the two units of elevators (labeled as Passenger Elevator (PE) 1 and 2) were likewise built-in modern design and equipped with the latest technology for maximum security. The elevators which can accommodate up to 21 persons or 1,600 kilograms have motion sensors which can automatically prevent the doors from closing when an object and/or person is detected between the two-sided glass doors. A device is designed to record the weight capacity per trip of each lift. Another new feature is the intercom that is connected to the CCTV monitoring room that allows two-way communication between the people inside the elevator and the CCTV monitoring in-charge. This is a useful tool especially during emergencies through which responders can establish communication with the trapped individuals to update them of the rescue operation and keep them calm. Moreover, in cases of power failure/brownouts, each lift has an individual rechargeable battery (which automatically recharges when the electric power returns) that enables the cabin to continue moving towards the nearest floor where passengers can safely disembark. Or it can be operated manually, through the external button which must be continuously clicked by rescuers until the cabin halts at the nearest floor and the glass door is opened manually from the outside. The individuals inside may click a button to turn on the alarm to call for immediate help. Lastly, the elevators are equipped with seismic sensors that detect the tremors of an earthquake. During tremors, lifts will stop at the closest floor and automatically halts operation to prevent people from using it again for the time being.

During the drill, the PMO personnel operated the elevators manually under the supervision of the Schindler representative, to rescue the supposed trapped individuals (composed of the maintenance personnel) in the elevators due to a supposed brownout. The trapped passengers were successfully rescued in just less than three (3) minutes. The personnel also conducted a test run of the components such as the intercom and main switch. —IMR Lam