Ship agents, vessel masters and shipping line representatives need not worry anymore that they will be unable to personally file their Notice of Arrival or Application for Berth or Anchorage at a particular PPA port. As part of its service innovations, PPA Management decided to take initial steps in employing e-governance to further improve the quality of operations and services in the ports.

As such, a system for the online submission of Notice of Arrival/Application for Berth/Anchorage (Online NOA/ABA) was conceptualized and developed. The Online NOA/ABA intends to simplify the submission of Notice of Arrival (NOA) and the process for the Application for Berth/Anchorage (ABA) through the use of the internet.

The Online NOA/ABA is an electronic tool that can be used by the public/port users/shipping lines for the submission of advanced vessel arrival notices and application for berth or anchorage, including crew list information that is intended tocomplement the existing Port Operations Management System (POMS). POMS is a computerized application designed specifically for internal PPA operations which have been in operation since 2006.

With this new development in port operations process, it is expected that this will pave the way for a healthy exchange of information, smooth integration process, and ease of doing business between PPA and its clients.

  • Among the major features of the system are as follows:
  •  Facilitates submission of Notice of Arrival (NOA) through the internet
  •  Eases procedures on Application for Berth/Anchorage (ABA)
  • Offers user-friendly web application and interface
  •  Simplifies submission of supporting documents for NOA/ABA
  •  Provides interface with PPA’s internal computerized systems to streamline the overall process

In Cagayan de Oro, the system was launched last 03 May 2017 with an orientation and hands-on training conducted among ship agents and shipping line representatives. To facilitate online transactions, the PMO has provided a kiosk exclusive for Online NOA/ABA processing.  — By EA Calo

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Online Notice of Arrival / Application for Berth/Anchorage