Nearly 200 individuals composed of office, security, and utility personnel,  port workers, passengers, and clients availed the free blood sugar screening during the Free Random Blood Sugar Screening (RBS) activity at PMO MOC on 28 November 2018.

The civic society groups, Order of Amaranth Grand Court of the Philippines and Makahambus Masonic Cagayan de Oro who initiated the said activity for their “Fight Against Diabetes/ Iwas Diabetes Program,” chose the PPA PMO MOC as partner of the said event as this is also in line with the PMO’s promotion of health and wellness under its aim for prime environment, health, safety, and quality of the Integrated Management System. PMO MOC also coordinated with the Oroport Medical unit of the Oroport Cargo Handling Services, Inc. for the implementation of the free blood sugar screening in their clinic and to enjoin all the Oroport workers to participate.

The simultaneous blood sugar screening was conducted by medical technologists at the Oroport Clinic, Assessment, Billing, Cashier Unit (ABCU) in Building 1, Office of the Port Manager in Building 2, and in the Passenger Terminal Complex (PTC) from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. The Oroport’s resident doctor, Dr. Dante D. Roble gave free consultations/ health advices to people whose blood sugar count result was higher or lower than the normal range. For very high sugar count, Dr. Roble recommended to the patients to undergo Fasting Blood Sugar screening (FBS) before taking any medications.

This kind of blood sugar screening does not require fasting and gives faster results (a matter of seconds only), which is suitable and convenient for the busy personnel and/or on standby passengers.

The civic society groups gave recognition to the PMO MOC and the Oroport Medical Unit for the success of the activity and as official partners in fighting diabetes among Filipinos. — By IMR Lam