In preparation for the resumption of sea travels under the “new normal” expecting influx of arriving passengers in the Port of Cagayan de Oro, a multiple scanner equipment was provided and installed at the Port’s arrival area by the LGU-Cagayan de Oro on 04 June 2020.

The installation of the thermal scanner is aimed to address the foreseen delay in disembarkation attributed to thermal scanning of individual inbound passengers. At present, the CDO Port is receiving ROFs/LSIs since 23 April 2020 who are individually subjected to temperature measurement using thermo guns by DOH personnel. With the expected influx of passengers upon resumption of regular passenger operations, the equipment will greatly aid in hastening no-contact temperature measurement on all inbound individuals.

The said equipment has also a built-in intelligent facial recognition system with big data analysis that can generate health data, statistical report and analysis of epidemic trend, among others.

A test-run was already conducted on even date, however, the City LGU is set to conduct a training to the designated Port personnel on how to operate and maintain the thermal scanner.