A Pure Car Carrier Vessel of the Fujitrans Logistics Philippines Inc. is set to call for the first time at the Port of Cagayan de Oro to commence the company’s domestic shipping operation in August, requiring thereof an enhanced handling of rolling cargoes by the CDO Port’s cargo handling operator (CHO), Oroport Cargo Handling Services, Inc.

To ensure the smooth operation and handling of rolling cargoes (car/vehicle), Fujitrans initiated a training-seminar to 25 Oroport personnel on 26-28 June 2019.

Two (2) Fujitrans-Philippines personnel and two (2) Japanese representatives from their Head Office in Japan discussed and supervised the three (3)-day lecture and practical tests. Proper signaling, lashing, maneuvering by the designated drivers, parking, standard speed and distance of the vehicles from one another, were among the essential aspects taught to the participants.  Four (4) types of vehicles were used during the dry-run at the CDO Port on 27 June. Oroport drivers/ truck operators took turns in maneuvering the vehicles around the designated route.

The opportunity to cater a Pure Car Carrier Vessel is a first-time experience for both the CDO Port and its CHO. Though challenging, Oroport is grateful to have received such training especially from a company that has been known to be expert in terms of vehicle handling in Pure Car Carrier Vessel in Japan. On the other hand, the new ship calling and the anticipated increase in cargo volume are seen to be another milestone/progress for the Port of Cagayan de Oro.

A post-evaluation and/or progress check will be conducted on 25-26 July 2019 by Fujitrans.-IMR Lam