In support of national development, PMO MOC continues to embark on important projects that have an impact on overall port efficiency and economic activity in the region. In December 2014, PMO MOC pushed for the priority implementation of high-impact major projects dubbed as the 7 Pillars of Port development duly endorsed by the Port and Maritime Management Advisory Council of the Port of Cagayan de Oro and are seen to help resolve pressing port-related issues and concerns that affect the maritime industry and the locality.

The pillars, a metaphorical presentation to mean a large, heavy substantial thing that supports, refer to the following projects:

(1) Construction of a Modern Passenger Terminal Building

A world class 2-storey passenger terminal building, fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for improved security, comfort and connectivity of the passengers. It has amenities like pre-departure waiting area, shops (catering passenger needs), screening area (x-rays), comfort rooms (male, female & PWD), boarding gates, escalators, and others. As of 25 December 2017, the project has a 49.412% actual physical accomplishment.

 (2) Construction of 6-lane Electronic Gate System

The construction of the 6-lane Electronic Gate Complex aims to provide 6-lane controlled access to port users and aims to eliminate long queuing lines at the entry point. This facility will be fully-equipped with CCTV cameras for easy identification and security purposes as well as weighbridges for cargoes and payment booths, among others. This would also serve as an alternate route for cargo trucks which are taking the Gate-5 or Agora Road that usually the cause heavy vehicular traffic in the vicinity. Already, the approaches of the said gate complex, which is the existing Gate 3, has already been widened and rehabilitated to accommodate more vehicles with heavier loads. The procurement process for the project has been completed in December 2017 and will commence within 1st Quarter of CY 2018.

 (3) Construction of Break Bulk Receiving Facility at Area A

This project aims to enhance palletizing operations, ensure and improve safe and healthy working conditions for dockworkers, as well as, protect breakbulk and perishable cargoes from the hazards and elements of weather. The project is situated at about 300m distance from the berth where vessels carrying cargoes to be palletized are docked. Detailed Engineering Department has finished evaluating the POW of work and detailed plans.  Awaiting for the possible inclusion in the Revised MTPIP for 2018.

 (4) Improvement of Back Up Area at portion of Area Q at Berth 12-13

This project came about since there is need to improve the backup area at the portion of Area Q by providing a security buffer to prevent informal settlers from encroaching inside the port zone. Already completed in 2016, the area is being used as a support facility for Oroport’s Transit Shed and Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation’s oil import facility which are located in the same area.

(5) Provision of Efficient and Cost-Effective Lighting System using Solar Powered LED Lights

The project aims to support the National Government/DOE in its drive to for government agencies to become energy sufficient entities and help reduce the projected national high-power demand apart from generating long-term savings on power costs. These lighting facilities use solar energy to light-up the port’s operational and perimeter areas for improved efficiency and security. This project was completed last December 2016.

 (6) Laguindingan Port Zone Delineation– Conduct of Topographic and Hydrographic Survey

The conduct of Topographic, Hydrographic and Port Zone Delineation Surveys is the initial step in conceptualizing a port facility that would be best suitable for the Port of Laguindingan. The port development of the Seaport of Laguindingan in Misamis Oriental which will have a Fast Ferry Terminal that will serve as a complementary port to the Laguindingan Airport and as an alternative transport for passengers towards tourist destinations such as Bohol, Camiguin and other nearby provinces. As of this date the topographic, Hydrographic and Port Zone Delineation Surveys were already completed and available for reference.

 (7) Opol Port Zone Delineation and Port Development Project

Intended as an alternate port for tramping vessels calling the Port of Cagayan de Oro, the development and construction of the Port of Opol will decongest the Port of Cagayan de Oro which have been experiencing port congestion with longer waiting time of vessels brought about by the entry of new domestic and foreign shipping companies and increased economic activity in Northern Mindanao. Actual physical accomplishment is at 37.579% as of 25 January 2018.

By CCS Bollozos